Paranormal Investigations at the Shipwreck Treasure Museum

31 Oct 2020
Shipwreck Treasure Museum
Shipwreck Treasure Museum
Quay Rd
St. Austell
PL25 3NJ

Date: 31st October 2020
Time 10.30pm – 3am
Cost: £45 pp

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The Shipwreck Treasure Museum has one of the largest private collections of shipwreck artefacts in Europe with more than 8,000 items retrieved from over 150 wrecks all under one roof.
Sitting below is one of the original, dimly lit, 18th Century Georgian passageways and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These narrow loading tunnels would have been witness to workers often being crushed under the weight of the trailers full of stock for loading onto the ships waiting below.

Charlestown was an integral part of Cornwall’s China Clay industry and with the Cornish jagged coastline, treacherous waters and wild weather its no wonder there are thought to be over 3000 shipwrecks in the Cornish region. During our investigation of the Shipwreck Museum you can explore some artefacts from the wreckages, discover how they met their fate and investigate them for potential paranormal activity.
One of the artefact displays includes items from the S.S. Mohegan, lost off the Lizard in 1898. It is not known what caused the vessel to meet its watery fate. There are reports from divers said to have heard female a screaming whilst under water and it has an understandable reputation of being a haunted wreck. Do the items recovered from the vessel hold any residual spirit energy?
The Titanic display has direct links to Cornwall as one of the lives lost on this fateful voyage was that of a young Cornishman, Frederick James Banfield. Born in Helston in 1884, he worked as a mining engineer in the Cornish tin mines. Has he returned home and will he want to tell his story?

​The Shipwreck Museum itself already has a reputation for ghostly apparitions with some who have visited on tours, claiming to have spotted shadowy figures. One local medium claims to have sensed a paranormal presence during a visit and a Trip Advisor commenter claims to have met the resident ghost while visiting the building.

We'd love to and intend to find out who these witnesses are seeing or if they are simply natural occurrences within the foundations.

During the investigation you will be using a wide range of equipment and experiments to gain evidence, where it exists, of potential paranormal activity. Should we be lucky enough to make contact with any resident or lingering energies, you will learn how to interpret, document and review this evidence. Is there information waiting to be told? Are there people who have been forgotten and have stories to tell? Well, that's our job to find out through evidence and debunk where necessary.
Refreshments will be available through the night including tea, coffee and hot chocolate to keep you warm and biscuits just because they are delicious.

Please bring warm clothing as the tunnels can be very cold at night and wear sensible footwear due to uneven floors.

Please be aware there are steps down to the tunnels so please bare this in mind when booking, however, the rest of the museum is very accessible.

On-site toilets will be available for use

If you are planning to visit the area before the investigation (which we can highly recommend) please use the main car park. The cost starts at £2.50 for 2 hours and the machines only accept cash.
If arriving in time for the event you may park outside the building, respecting the local area and other businesses.

Local accommodation is recommended if you are travelling a long distance to attend as we want to keep everyone safe.
Please review our terms and conditions before booking. Having a meal before the event for example is a great idea but too much of that Cornish cider may see you refused entry on the night.

We look forward to meeting you there!

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