UK Surf Rowers League Surfboats Summer Series

16 Jul 2016
UK Surf Rowers Surfboats Summer League, Watergate Bay, Newquay, Cornwall
UKSRL Surfboat Series
UKSRL Surfboat Series
Watergate Bay
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What’s it all about?

The penultimate leg of the Surfboat Summer Series will be hosted at Watergate Bay .

Surf boat racing crews will battle the waves in their rowing boats for the third round of the UK Surf Rowers League Summer Series. Teams confront the surf head on to race out to sea, around a marker buoy and then surf a wave back to the sand. These men and women are fit and fearless and the resulting competition is spellbinding.

What happens?

Rowers from all over the country will compete for vital points towards the overall title by racing through the waves in 180kg fibre-glass surfboats, each manned by crews of five people.

Surfboats are powered by four rowers equipped with oars, and steered by a fifth person: the sweep. Teams race their boats through the waves out to a buoy, before returning back to the shore in the fastest time possible.

The contest is organised by the UK Surf Rowers League (UKSRL) and consists of six rounds in which both men and women’s teams compete.

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How can visitors take part?

This event has to be seen to be believed...taking to the surf in big, sturdy boats, teams of five rowers confront the surf head on – only the bravest need apply!

Did you know?
Australia, home of so many water sports, is the birth place of Surfboat racing, evolving within the Surf Lifesaving Clubs in Sydney. Indeed the image of the bronzed "Ozzies" rowing out through pumping surf has become one of their National icons. The first Surfboat was built in 1913 for the Manly Surf Life Saving Club as a means to rescue drifting bathers. By 1920 Surfboat competition had developed to such an extent that it was included as an event in the Australian Life Saving Titles. The Surfboat design specifications were formally drawn up in 1955 and although new construction methods have been introduced, the dimensions of the modern Surfboats have changed little since then.

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