Trans Kernow Cycling Event

28 Apr 2017 to 30 Apr 2017
Starting & finish point
Starting & finish point
Rockets and Rascals
7 Parade
The Barbican
Trans Kernow Cycling Event

Onen hag oll (Cornish) One and all

For the hardened cyclist, worn by grit and time there is no greater challenge than the challenge yet unridden. Trans Kernow could be done by any person at any time, there's nothing stopping anyone from doing it tomorrow - but they won't. For whilst we know that the open road is free to all the challenge itself is only surpassed by
the experience shared, the tales told around the camp fire or a ride relived over cold beers, wry smiles and bruised muscles

So what is Trans Kernow?
It may take one day, it may take three days. We don't know what route will be taken, all we do know is that riders have got to get to a few definite places, they've got to do it without any outside help and they'll hopefully do it with a smile on their face. There's no number board, there's no prize for winning, there are loads of feed stations (they're called cafes, shops or even fancy restaurants), there's no accommodation provided and we don't even give them a map. The joy of Trans Kernow is its simplicity. It’s one great big adventure, or more specifically, many adventures taking place at once, on a bank holiday weekend - all in Cornwall.

When is it?
The window for taking part in Trans Kernow is from 21:00 on Friday 28th April until 15:00 on Sunday 30th April. Rider's can take longer and still deemed to have completed the Trans Kernow and similarly they can also arrive earlier.

Who’s it aimed at?
It's aimed at people with the mental and physical strength to spend some long hours in the saddle. At a minimum, the rider should be able to knock out 100 miles in the saddle relatively comfortably and with enough skill to deal with anything that happens along the way. It's definitely not for beginners. The event can be ridden solo or as a pair.

How far is it?
The event is as long as you make it but we can't seem to make it any less that 240miles. Remember Cornwall (locally known as Kernow) is very hilly around the edges.

Who's organising it?
The team at Rockets & Rascals in Plymouth (@barbicanbicycleclub) are working with the local legend and around the world record breaker Vin Cox to deliver this event.

When does entry open and how much is it?

Entry opens at Midnight on 1st January, the entry fee is £55 and includes a goody bag with TK cap and socks plus some beer at the finish. There are 200 places. Entry at

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