International Mining Games 2018

29 Mar 2018 to 1 Apr 2018
International Mining Games 2018, Visit Cornwall, What's On 2018
International Mining Games 2018, Visit Cornwall, What's On 2018
International Mining Games 2018, Visit Cornwall, What's On 2018
International Mining Games 2018, Visit Cornwall, What's On 2018
International Mining Games 2018, Visit Cornwall, What's On 2018
King Edward Mine
King Edward Mine
TR14 9DP

The Camborne School of Mines (CSM) is proud to host the 40th International Mining Games at the King Edward Mine, Camborne, Cornwall. With seven gruelling events in all, it will be a unique opportunity to witness traditional mining skills first-hand, up close and personal.

The International Mining Games sees 50 student teams from Mining Schools across the world (including USA, Brazil, Canada, Australia and Europe) to compete in seven events of traditional mining methods in order to commemorate those who have lost their lives in industry and preserve those traditional methods for many years to come.

Hosting in Camborne, where many of the modern hard-rock techniques originated, is a great way to honour the heritage, steeped within the proud local community. Coinciding with the history, is the innovative and ever developing technologies that are researched, established and implemented into industry from within the heart of Camborne based companies and CSM itself.

Part of the University of Exeter, Camborne School of Mines offers the only remaining Mining Engineering degree in the United Kingdom. Camborne School of Mines has been producing Mining Engineers for nearly 130 years. As the only British teams competing, the student teams are known to our competitors as “Team Great Britain”.

Competition Schedule

Thursday 29th March Day 1 - Training Day
A day full of excitement, banter and cheer as all 50 competing teams from across the world meet and practice the events. It is a chance for teams to see who their likely rivals will be, test unfamiliar equipment and iron out any last minute issues. You can expect a lot of shouting and see the International teams up close.
Friday 30th March Day 2 - Womens, Mixed (Co-ed) and Alumni Teams Competition & Mens Survey Event
The first main day of competition that sees the Womens, Mixed (Co-ed) and Alumni Teams compete across the 7 events. The Mens teams will be competing in the Survey event.
Saturday 31st March Day 3 - Mens Competition & Womens, Mixed (Co-ed) and Alumni Teams Survey Event
The final day of competition ends with 15+ Mens teams competing for the top places in the 7 events. The Womens, Mixed (Co-ed) and Alumni teams will be competing in the Survey event. Last year, timings were so close and it was a very high standard. We are expecting a very close competition again as International Mining Schools send their elite teams to represent. You can expect a lot of excitement, cheering and commardarie. A fantastic end to the competition!

Sunday 1st April - The Man Engine Awards Ceremony
The Man Engine is the largest mechanical puppet ever constructed in Great Britain and will be starting his Resurrection tour from Heartlands, Camborne, Cornwall. The Man Engine will be providing the winning teams with their trophies at the start of his 'Afternooner' tour. Tickets will be available online.

The 7 Competition Events
The International Mining Games is an annual competition contested by mining schools from across the globe, competing in seven events based on traditional mining techniques:
Hand Steeling – Drill into concrete using a 3-4lb hammer and a 7/8’’ chisel
Track Stand – Set up and tear down a section of track, including sleepers, rail, connecting plates and bolts
Hand Mucking – Run a one ton ore wagon down a 75’ track and fill it
Swede Saw – Saw through a 6’’x 6’’ piece of timber with a 36’’ bow saw
Gold Panning – Find five flattened ball bearings in a pan full of dirt and rock
Jackleg Drilling – Drill into vertical concrete with a Holmans 303 airleg drill
Surveying – Teams are given a starting point and expected to report the coordinates of a finishing point using an old fashioned vernier transit

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