Sterts Theatre This July

1 Jul 2018 to 31 Jul 2018
Giant's Underpants, Sterts Theatre, Cornwall, What's On 2018
Sterts Theatre, Bodmin Moor, Cornwall
Upton Cross
nr Liskeard
PL14 5AZ

Once Upon a Time: Nicky Brice Ballet School

Nicky Brice has been teaching ballet at Sterts since 2000 to children from three years upward. Once Upon a Time provides a perfect platform for the youngsters to celebrate and share its achievements with you.

Saturday 21 July  11.00am  All Tickets £6


A Midsummer Nights's Dream: Quantum

Set on that most dangerous of nights when fairies are abroad and nothing is as it seems, four young, unsuspecting lovers become entangled in their magical affray. Presented in inimitable Quantum style, it is fast paced, highly energetic, interlaced with live music and of course, being one of Shakespeare's best lover comedies, it is rip-roaring funny!

Saturday 21 July  7.30pm   Tickets £12/£10/£6   Meals booked in advance £15


Little Shop of Horrors: Sterts Theatre Company

A deliciously Faustian sci-fi smash musical featuring sadistic dentists, man-eating plants and a geeky flower shop employee called Seymour.  Written by the creators of Disney's Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid; Little Shop of Horrors is one of the most successful and best loved musicals of all time.

Thursday 26 July and Friday 27 July   7.30pm   Tickets £12/£10/£6.  Meals booked in advance £15


The Giants Underpants: I Love Nature

A fun and highly interactive workshop, where you will be sent on a quest to locate the golden undies of a local giant, stolen last night by some mischievous Cornish piskies.  As each tribe returns from the quest , they will retell their journey using objects collected. 

Friday 27 July  2.00pm  All tickets £6


Oliver!: Sterts Theatre Company

Consider Yourself at Home with Lionel Bart's classic musical based pm Charles Dickens novel.  The Tony and Olivier Award-winning show is one of the few musicals to win an Academy Award for Best Picture and is widely hailed as a true theatrical masterpiece by actors and audience members alike.   

Saturday 28 July  2.00pm  AND  7.30pm   Tickets £12/£10/£6.  Meals booked in advance £15


Steel Magnolias: Sterts Theatre Company

Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling is a touching and hilarious story of a close-knit circle of friends whose lives come together in a beauty parlour in Louisiana.  Through scenes spanning three years the friends engage in small-town gossip, with a deep strength and purposefulness emerging as the women face life's hurdles together.

Monday 30 July  7.30pm.  Tickets £12/£10/£6.  Meals booked in advance £15.



Diggory Piper: The Worst Pirate.   Little Trebiggan

Join Diggory Piper as he takes to the seas in his ship The Sweepstake.  Will he be victorious in assisting Queen Elizabeth 1 in her quest to vanquish the Spanish Armada?  Little Trebiggan bring you the heart warming true story of and Elizabethan Robin Hood the will charm children for 3 upwards and their families.

Tuesday 31 July  2.00pm.  All tickets £6.00


The Merchant of Venice:  Illyria 

A wealthy Antonio borrows money from Shylock and is so confident about paying it back that he will give Shylock a pound of his flesh if he defaults.  What follows in the play is thrilling, funny and romantic.

Tuesday 31 July  &.30pm.    Tickets £12/£10/£6.  Meals booked in advance £15.


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