Classic Sail Festival

30 Aug 2019 to 1 Sep 2019
Charlestown Harbour
Charlestown Harbour
St Austell
PL25 3NJ
Charlestown Harbour is staging their first ever Classic Sail Festival


The classic ships are expected to arrive with a Parade of Sail from 4.30pm on the Friday and will remain in the harbour for the duration of the festival (30th August – 1st September).

Among the classic boats in attendance will be the Grayhound, a beautiful replica 18th century three-masted customs lugger. Made from wood, she has been constructed with traditional materials and methods, and built by owners Freya and Marcus Pomeroy-Rowden.

The Grayhound and Charlestown harbour are currently working with TOWT, a Breton company that specialises in the transport of goods by sail to reduce carbon emissions.  The classic lugger will be carrying a cargo which will be unloaded in the historic port during the festival.

The TOWT project is funded by the co-funded by the European Maritime & Fisheries Fund, and its main objective is to develop a touristic thematic route linking the coastal regions of Cornwall in England and Cornouaille in French Brittany. These two regions are famous for their common Celtic origins and historical sailing links.

Alongside The Grayhound’s cargo the ship is also bringing a fascinating exhibition from the Port Musée in Douarnenez. The exhibition, which will be on show during the Classic Sail Festival, featuring drawings and photographs by French artist Laetitia Vassal during her voyage from Marie Galante in Guadeloupe to Brittany in 2016 on the boat Lun II.

Owners and builders of the Grayhound Freya and Marcus Pomeroy-Rowden said: “We’re looking forward to coming to Charlestown's new Classic Sail Festival and seeing lots of other classic ships there.”

Other ships heading to Charlestown Harbour for the weekend of festivities and joining the Parade of Sail include Anny, Guiding Star, IBIS and Tectona among others.

The Classic Sail Festival features a weekend packed full of events including the unique experience of watching Plymouth folk band Mad Dog Mcrea performing live in the Inner Harbour on the Friday Night.

On Saturday and Sunday visitors can purchase a Gangway pass, allowing access on board the classic vessels in Charlestown Harbour. Other attractions include exhibitions, sea shanties, food and drink.



“The Classic Sail Festival is gearing up to be a spectacular event. A lot of planning has gone into it and we hope the people of Charlestown and beyond in Cornwall can join us,” said Rolf Munding, owner of Charlestown Harbour. “The Festival is a real opportunity for us to celebrate traditional vessels as well as the Harbour itself. We have many ships booked to join us, including the likes of the lugger ‘Grayhound’. We really do think the Festival will be a great weekend for people of all ages to enjoy – we have everything from Shanty groups to pirates!” he added.


Tickets for Mad Dog McCrae are available via the Cornish Riviera Box Office online here or call  01726 879500



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