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    Wherever you are in Cornwall, you’re never far from an abundance of fresh, locally sourced produce. Whether it be farm fresh meat, artisanal cheese, traditional sweet treats or a locally brewed ale, Cornwall is home to a huge variety of British favourites.

    From its extensive coastline ensuring a constant supply of fresh fish and shellfish to its rolling farmlands producing exceptional meats and cheeses, Cornwall's culinary scene is rich and diverse. Join us as we explore the best of Cornish food and drink and discover why Cornwall is a food lovers paradise.

    Cornish Seafood: From Ocean to plate

    Cornwall’s extensive coastline ensures a constant supply of fresh fish and shellfish. Cornish towns like Padstow, Looe, and Newlyn are famous for their vibrant fishing communities where you will find an abundance of fresh fish available at top restaurants and independent fishmongers.

    Cornwall’s love for seafood is celebrated widely through events like the Falmouth Oyster Festival which marks the start of oyster dredging season with tastings, cooking demonstrations, and live entertainment, all the way to every day cooking experiences and at restaurants where seafood sits at the heart of the culinary experience.

    Cornish seafood experiences offer visitors unique and memorable ways to enjoy the local catch. In Padstow, Rick Stein’s renowned Seafood Restaurant serves exquisite seafood dishes that showcase the best of Cornwall’s offerings. Couple your dining with an evening music session with Rick Stein Fistral’s Sunset Sessions and enjoy melodies from the best of Cornwall’s artists including Daisy Clark, Joe Hurworth and Our Atlantic Roots.

    On the water, the Blue River Table offers a floating feast, combining a scenic boat ride with a gourmet meal always offering the option fresh seafood, bringing diners closer to the source of their food. Across the South West, the Hook & Cook experience allows participants to catch their own fish and learn how to prepare and cook it, providing a true sea-to-plate adventure.

    No matter where you go in Cornwall, you’re guaranteed to be treated to fresh, high-quality seafood connecting you to our maritime heritage.

    The Cornish Pasty

    One of the most iconic Cornish foods is the traditional Cornish pasty. This hearty pastry, filled with beef, potatoes, turnips, and onions, has been a staple for miners and workers for centuries, providing a portable and satisfying meal. Since its humble beginnings the pasty has grown and you can now find an eclectic variety of flavours available in local pasty shops, from pizza inspired pepperoni and cheese and red Thai curry to home comforts like lamb and mint.

    Did you know that Cornish pasties are protected by PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) status? This ensures that only pasties made in Cornwall following the traditional recipe can be labelled as “Cornish Pasties”. This not only preserves the authenticity of the national dish but also supports local bakers and the regional economy.

    Cornish crafted brews

    You might be familiar with Tarquin’s Gin, but did you know Cornwall is home to a rich variety of locally brewed ales, lagers, and IPAs, as well as an array of spirits and wines crafted by talented artisans?

    St Austell Brewery is a cornerstone of Cornwall's brewing tradition, offering a range of beers that capture the essence of the region. Known for its flagship ales like Tribute and Proper Job, St Austell Brewery has been crafting quality beers since 1851 and continues to innovate with new brews that celebrate Cornish heritage.

    For spirit enthusiasts, Colwith Farm Distillery offers a unique experience with its vodka and gin, made entirely from scratch using potatoes grown on their family farm. This distillery stands out by crafting everything on-site, providing a true farm-to-bottle experience. Similarly, Padstow Distilling Company in the charming coastal town of Padstow produces small-batch spirits that capture a taste of Padstow.

    Cornwall's vineyards are equally impressive. Trevibban Mill Vineyard & Orchard near Padstow and Camel Valley Vineyard near Bodmin produce award-winning wines. Camel Valley is renowned for its sparkling wines and has won numerous accolades for its high-quality products. Both offer tours and tastings, allowing visitors to explore their beautiful vineyards and sample a range of wines.

    Fowey Valley Cidery & Distillery, located in the picturesque town of Lostwithiel, offers a delightful range of ciders and spirits. This family-run operation is dedicated to preserving traditional cider-making methods, using locally sourced apples, and maintaining a deep respect for the environment. Their tours provide a comprehensive look at the cider and spirit production process, complete with gin and cider making experiences and of course tasting opportunities.

    Whether you're enjoying a crisp ale by the seaside, sipping a handcrafted gin in a cosy pub, or touring a vineyard with a glass of sparkling wine in hand, Cornwall's diverse and vibrant drink scene offers something for every palate.

    Sweet Treats

    To match the variety of savoury food, Cornwall is also home to traditional desserts that delight locals and visitors alike. Hevva Cake, or Heavy Cake, is a dense treat made with flour, lard, sugar, milk, and raisins, historically baked by fishermen's wives to celebrate a good catch. Saffron Buns, distinguished by their golden hue from saffron, are a fragrant, sweet bun enjoyed during special occasions. Cornish Splits, soft buns filled with clotted cream and jam, are a staple in Cornish tea culture.

    You may already be familiar with clotted cream, but did you know it is believed to have originated in the South West? It's no wonder we’re so passionate about the order of jam and cream on our scones, given its deep roots in our culinary heritage. At Callestock Courtyard guests can even meet the Jersey Cows that produce the delicious Rodda’s Cornish Clotted Cream and butter.

    Cornwall is also famous for its luxurious ice cream. Made from the rich, creamy milk of local cows and sometimes even combined with clotted cream, you’ll find plenty of seaside locations selling Cornish ice cream with a range of flavours able to tempt anyone.

    For some of the best ice cream in Cornwall, visit Callestick Farm Ice Cream Parlour where you can enjoy a variety of delicious flavours such as Black Forest, Sticky Caramel Crunch, and Toffee Apple, alongside all the classics, all made right on the farm. It’s the perfect place to stop by after a day at the beach or on a sunny afternoon.

    Truro Farmers Market

    Shop Cornish

    Exploring Cornwall’s local shops and farmers markets is a delightful way to discover the best of Cornish goods. From farm-fresh meats to artisanal products, these markets and stores offer a rich selection that highlights Cornwall’s strong agricultural heritage.

    Purely Cornish, Griggs Country Store, and Tre Pol & Pen are fantastic places to start. These shops offer a wide range of locally sourced products, including cheeses, preserves, baked goods, and fresh meats from local farms. They celebrate the best of Cornish produce, providing high-quality items that reflect the region's dedication to sustainability and tradition.

    For those who prefer convenience, the Cornish Food Box Company delivers curated boxes filled with fresh, local produce, meats, dairy, and pantry items right to your doorstep. Supporting over 250 Cornish farmers and producers, it’s an easy way to enjoy Cornwall’s flavours no matter where you are.

    Cornwall’s Farmers Markets are vibrant hubs of activity, featuring stalls with everything from fresh meats and seafood to handmade crafts and artisanal foods. Markets in Truro, Falmouth, and St. Ives, among others, offer a direct connection to local producers and a chance to experience the community’s commitment to supporting local agriculture.

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